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The Magazine:

The Conscious World exists as a collaborative response to the terrifying disasters facing people, animals, and the planet we live on. Community members contribute knowledge and empathy to the task of building holistic, collaborative solutions based in solidarity between people who care about out the interconnected world we live in. 

Perspective and specialized expertise are shared from those with relevant experience--whether that be from life, studies/research, work, or community involvement. Feature articles, photography, art, performance, and poetry comment on local, national, and international events contrast the perspectives of activists and experts with  an avoidance of click-bait, fear-mongering sensationalism. The goal is to not give more attention (and power) to ignorance than to the responses given by those who truly care about protecting and enriching life for sentient beings on this planet.

The Conscious World written and video feature columns focus on compassionate, collaborative attempts to respond to social, environmental, economic, and political challenges.

The Local Spotlight offers feature behind-the-scene reviews of the work, mission, events, and staff members of non-profits and grassroots mobilization organizations who aim to affect progressive social change.

The Research Corner presents a showcase of brief summaries for the public of interesting research projects and findings pertinent to understanding the human condition, the human predicament, and to posing human-led solutions, from specialists across scientific and social scientific disciplines.


The Living Earth focuses on potential solutions to the crises facing nature, the environment, resources used, and both human and animals health and well being in our built environments.

The Conscious Critic offers reviews of media rooted in critical theory looks at representations of identity, social struggle, and alternate worlds presented through artist visions. 

The Ethical Scorecard scores and analyzes the impact of organizational actions on the suffering and flourishing of people, animals, and the earth, considered at a macro level of consequences endured by affected communities, policies and oversight accountability in place to prevent power abuses, and active campaigns to do good in the world. 

The Video Zine offers a selection of videos from the various sections of The Conscious World, compiled for your viewing ease.

The Forum:

The Human Chat is an interactive forum of community dialogue rooted in sharing stories, advice, and experiences. Forum leaders include research specialists, and dedicated community members.

The Community:

The Conscious Community offers members a platform to share, promote, and support an economy based on fulfillment, passion, and self/local-ownership of the products of labor. Membership includes writing, art, photography, performance, class lessons, activist campaigns, and other passions amongst likeminded community members. It is composed of all the creative pages, plus the Activist's Platform, The Shared Classroom, and The Human Chat.

The Activist's Platform is a section devoted to outreach efforts such as activist petitions, calls to action, and connections between active campaigns and the personal stories shared in the Meaningful Work Project and the Human Chat.

The Shared Classroom offers subject explanations and skill demonstrations from experts in their fields, who connect subject material to relevant social events, problem solving, and critical evaluations of contemporary issues.

The Human Chat is a special forums for members only featuring  discussion between community members on various dimensions of the human experience, from identity to health to work and more. 

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