The Ethical Scorecard

The Ethical Scorecard reviews organizational efforts to reinforce social and environmental accountability. Commentary is not just on specific people, places, and events that cause human, animal, and environmental suffering, but on people and organizations who respond with conscientious concern and solution-oriented activism to resist, prevent, and reform practices that cause harm and inhibit human flourishing. The specific ‘scorecard’ is based on a 100 percent rubric offering a chance to grade organizational actions based on their social, economic, and political impact necessary to ensure the organizations of our societies engage in practices that will benefit all human beings and remain responsible and accountable in the world they operate in.

Articles should be 750-2000 words in length, provide at least two citations or links for verifiable source material, and fit the column you’re submitting for. Photography, art, and all submissions should list all proper credit to be attributable on publication. Videos should be 2-10 minutes. If accepted, authors will be notified within two weeks, and sent proofread copies of submitted work for approval pre-publication. Though there is an editorial review, decently polished drafts are appreciated.

At present, contributors have the benefit of exposure for work, connection with new audiences, a updated writing sample, and a public website publication credit for your resume. A kickstarter, donation acceptance and paid subscription plans for premium content are the ultimate goals. All contributors will also have a free premium subscription access for the issue submitted to, one month free community access (creative pages + forum), and a free e-copy of the released compilation issue e-book on Amazon and possibly other release sites.* *see specifics here:

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