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The Current World delivers news from the perspective of an activist or an expert responding to serious problems with the aim to protect and enrich life on this planet for all sentient beings. This includes comprehensive and nuanced views on major national and international events offered by contributors. The goal is to avoid click-bait by providing informative news analysis. Commentators include activists, artists, scientists, health specialists, scholars, and workers of all kinds—based on the idea that what we do with our time on this earth matters, and we should build these ventures around models of humanity that include the most talented and the most vulnerable, working together to do things better than our predecessors. It stresses the significance of compassion, imagination, critical thinking, evidence-based action, and human connection as the keys to building strong social coalitions that will solve humanitarian crises.

Articles should be 750-2000 words in length, provide at least two citations or links for source material, and fit the column you’re submitting for. Photography, art, and all submissions should list all proper credit to be attributable on publication. Videos should be 2-10 minutes. Longer videos may be considered in the future.*

You may submit previously published work with links to the original work, your own website, or sales page, so long as the copyright of such does not interfere with the previous/other place something is published. If accepted, authors will be notified within two weeks, and sent proofread copies of submitted work for approval pre-publication. Though there is an editorial review, decently polished drafts are appreciated.

At present, contributors have the benefit of exposure for work, connection with new audiences, a updated writing sample, and a public website publication credit for your resume. A kickstarter, donation acceptance and paid subscription plans for premium content are the ultimate goals. All contributors will also have a free premium subscription access for the issue submitted to, one month free community access (creative pages + forum), and a free e-copy of the released compilation issue e-book on Amazon and possibly other release sites.*

*see specifics here:

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