The Activist Platform

The Activist Platform features articles on activist efforts across the globe, as well as recommended strategies for activists and caring citizens to bring about change. Stories should feature specifics on the people, the causes, and the events central to activist campaigns. This section is particularly geared towards coordinated actions that promote environmental protection, human rights, economic equity, social justice, and progressive community transformation.

The corresponding forum page, The Activist Podium is a member's only safe space for contributors to launch and promote direct action campaigns, protest events, and other participatory collaborations intended to have a conscious impact on the world, as well as to share personal stories about attempting to make change. Rather than being a mere redundant site for petition signing and direct fundraising [for which there are already great sites such as Kiva and others], this section will focus on boycotts, sit-ins, mail-ins, collaborative civil resistance, and peaceful but powerful performances against injustice and cruelty. Forum posts calling for action can be short, with a flyer and a 1-2 page letter concisely detailing the cause, instructions for contact or action, and deadline for participation. Stories may be longer, with pictures, context, and linked news stories.

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