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Open Call: Contributors, Collaborators, and Community Members

The Conscious World  showcases stories of humanity rooted in shared joy, suffering, triumph, and transformation. The aim is to build collaborations of wisdom and action focused on positive, effective social change via technologically savvy, well-informed, and compassionate action. The Conscious World seeks to build inclusive, solid futures by recognizing the power of working, suffering, and caring people to change things--that power is held not just by voting and donating and status holding, but also by promoting good causes and critical inquiry, envisioning new ways to organize our worlds, responding to challenges in beneficial, compassionate, and loving ways, and connecting with other people who share motivation to change the world for the better, stand against injustice, and create more equitable and caring networks to live in.

Contributor Guidelines:

Contributors include activists, artists, and academics as well as anyone with a unique niche background and presentation of a relevant, informed and compassionate perspective on solutions to contemporary injustice. These community members include wonderfully creative, rebellious, and fed up "millennials," ex- beats, hippies, punks and x, y, z -ers set to inherit an earth plagued by challenges created by a privileged ownership class, organized hatred, and popular ignorance alike.

Contributors should submit work for approval on the deadlines set for each issue. Articles should be 750-2000 words in length, provide at least two citations or links for source material, and fit the column you’re submitting for [click section links above, or the Learn More button on section pages.] Photography, art, and all submissions should list all proper credit to be attributable on publication. Videos should be 2-10 minutes. Longer videos may be considered in the future. You may submit previously published work with links to the original work, your own website, or sales page, so long as the copyright of such does not interfere with the previous/other place something is published. Authors will be notified within two weeks if their work will be featured, and sent proofread copies of submitted work for approval pre-publication. Though there is an editorial review, decently polished drafts are appreciated. All contributors should submit a picture and short biography blurb [2-3 sentences] they don't mind having on the contributor/staff site. 

Forum Leader Requirements:

Forum leaders on The Human Chat lead community discussion, share relevant experience, research context, and design surveys and response prompts for reader participation.  Forum Leaders  should be a community member or research specialist connected to the topic.


Duties will include:

a. Writing a main introduction post connecting your story/background to the column and your involvement/connection to the project.

b. Performing some digital outreach, including polls on others experiences and prompts for others to contribute. 

c. Having the option (not the requirement) to design or perform audio or video interviews. I'm fine with having more than one forum monitor/leader to accommodate this feature.

d. Respond to commentators with concise and positive replies that encourage people to bring their best selves to our comment discussion boards and to keep reading our stuff!

 e. Kick trolls off, if they should somehow find themselves in.

f. Monitor and approve comments [all comments approved, so long as their not trolls].

Promote Your Creative Work 

Photography, art, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and performance in the spirit of The Conscious World is is featured in our community members sites. You are encouraged to submit work with links to your own website, book page, or other sales page--as well as to peruse and buy from the pages of other conscious community members.  Photography and art should have story included--of the photos, of your connection to them, and to the greater context in which they were created in, or about the cause that a portion of sales funds go to (donation rate of promotional sale can be from 1-100%). Submissions should list proper credit to be attributable on publication. 


At present, contributors have the benefit of exposure for work, connection with new audiences, a updated writing sample, and a public website publication credit for your resume. A Kickstarter, donation acceptance, a grant, and/or paid subscription plans for premium content are the ultimate goals. All contributors will also have a free premium subscription access for the issue submitted to, one month free community access (creative pages + forum), and a free e-copy of the released compilation issue e-book on Amazon and any other release sites utilized for distribution.


To become independent of the people who use hoarded wealth, institutionalized violence, bigotry, and prejudice to hold equity, freedom, equality, and justice at bay, we need to find solidarity in interdependence with our allied communities for peace and prosperity for society as a whole--not to mention survival as a species faced with crises and a world faced with extinction. We need evidence based solutions from researchers, contextualized knowledge from teachers, creative and empowering media from artists of all kinds, and action from everyone who gives a damn. In short, we need The Conscious World. If you feel the same, please join us!

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