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Building The Conscious World is about tearing down the old, avoiding the hype, and actively standing for the value of informed empathy. In a world facing multiple crises, this is a supportive virtual community of academics, authors, artists,  activists, and informed, caring people responding together. to a world on fire. Our magazine, forum, and creative pages are currently seeking talent and offering space to share passion. Please join us today! 

Magazine Sections


In the Conscious World, every person who has heart, has value, and something to bring to the table. Contributors can join, build their own content on the forum, and submit feature articles for potential webzine publication.

Who is the Conscious World? We all are. Every member of this community is here to take part of a larger movement of creating a conscious, connected world to cohabitate in. We realize that the survival of our species and our earth depends on collaborative action. The Conscious World aims to create a place of connection for people working towards a better world--through organizational and individual work, art, activism, advocacy, outreach, research, teaching, journalism, and more. 

The Conscious World magazine features stories, art, forum discussions, and more focused on the need for well researched, empathetic, and effective efforts towards social, economic, environmental, and justice reform. The key perspective here includes the way people are building, in many different ways, better ways to face challenging situations that threaten our social communities, species survival, and natural environments. 




The Magazine

Forum: The Human Chat


Table of Contents

Posing solutions to the threats facing environmental, human, and animal health on our planet 

The Shared Classroom

​Reviews of organizational. social, environmental, and political accountability 

The Local Spotlight

Grassroots and non-profit mobilization for active social change

A place for specialists, scholars, and experts across disciplines to share their research with the public.

The Activist Platform column features articles on social change activism, while the related forum offers digital space to launch and promote direct action campaigns, boycotts, fundraising, and protest events.

Current events delivered from the perspective of activists and specialists concerned with protecting and enriching life on this planet.

Media reviews rooted in critical theory, with a focus on representations of identity, social struggle, and alternate worlds from visions of artists across mediums and genres. 

​Reviews of organizational. social, environmental, and political accountability 

Forum for member-led discussions on the human experience.